Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pagkaing Pilipino

Filipino Food... That's Pagkaing Pilipino in Tagalog, the basis of the Philippine national language, which is formally known as Filipino. Yes, it's true. According to the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines, the two official languages of the country are English and Filipino. The name of the national language of the Philippines is Filipino and not Tagalog. The government's language commission would probably also prefer that we say Pagkaing Filipino, instead of Pagkaing Pilipino... Even the actress Vilma Santos who was become an elected official has decided that this is the way to go with our language -- more usage of the F. Sharing thoughts on Filipino food (Pagkaing Pilipino). Basahin ang tungkol sa produktong nakabigla sa industriya! Magpapayat agad... Read about the weight-loss product that shocked the industry! Skinny Fiber